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of your own success
  • Are you dealing with stress?

  • Do you find that you are harder on yourself than you are others?

  • Do you set goals but lose sight of them before you reach them? 
    Kat helps you find answers that lead a more fulfilling life and teaches lifelong skills and strategies that create resiliency, peace and motivation.

    Contact Kat for a complimentary clarity session.


Are you tired of motivational sessions that wear off after just a short time?  Kat’s CORPORATE TRAINING & WORKSHOPS teach life-changing, practical skills that elevate your team beyond theories and truly empower learners to put solutions into practice. The result is a team more personally invested in the quality of their work and its outcome. Book Kat for your next Emotional Wellness Training Workshop.


The secrecy that plagues Job Seekers requires insider tips and tricks. Landing your dream job is actually not a secret and moving ahead in your current position can be easy. As a former HR Manager, Kat provides resume review and writing assistance, mock interview training with feedback to develop a stronger job search strategy and more. Kat knows the tricks to achieve the next level of success. 

"After spending more than 15 years in corporate America, I found myself at a personal and professional crossroads.  Through a series of unexpected detours, I found my way to the driver's seat and developed an exclusive STEER Your Life Coaching®  model that will help anyone #BeTheDriver of their own success!  Contact me today for a complimentary clarity session or consultation."  
- Kat Hoyer


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"Kat is terrific in her coaching. I was at a bit of a crossroad professionally when I reached out to Kat. She helped me tremendously by guiding me to separate emotions and business logic in making my decision. Her calm, supportive and genuine feedback provides valuable direction. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone."
Tiena Manypenny
Vice President of Digital at Snack Street

"Kat is an exceptional group leader and coach. I have seen her process from preparation, presenting, and follow-up and she always creates and teaches content that truly results in a real change on the participant's end. She speaks with a clarity and ease that makes her programs feel more like working with a friend than being in a lecture. She has been inspiring to work with and I am honored to know her."
Zinga Hart, M. Ed
Brand Strategist | Liaison | Adult Developer | Entrepreneur Cultivator

"Kat Hoyer is a phenomenal Life Coach and I can attest that her STEER Method is truly groundbreaking.  During our session I was able to identify my thoughts and emotions and how these can affect us physically and prevent us from moving forward. With her her guidance I learned to mediate and guide these emotions in a way to be in control and at peace and find a way to continue the journey fully in control of ourselves. Kat submerges herself genuinely in the moment and listens attentively to assist you every step of the way in the process. You will find a truly caring and genuine life coach that will help you evolve."
Dayanna Valenciano