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#BeTheDriver ... of your own success

Are you ready to STEER Your Life? 

  • Daily "Behind the Quote"  - What was the inspiration behind the quote and how can we apply it to our lives? 

  • STEER Your Life Coaching sessions and workshops -Some live, recorded and/or live streamed 

  • Guided Meditations - Meditations don't need to be complicated or mystical. I will give you examples of straightforward, but powerful ways to apply meditation to your life. 

  • Goal setting, Challenges, and Discussions. 

  • BONUS : Meet like-minded women and form lasting relationships. 


— D. Valenciano, Designer/ 

“Because of my resume, I got noticed. Because of the confidence I gained from talking to you, I went for my dream job. Because I've worked my tail off this past year, I've tripled my income.”

Career Club is a 4-week program that will take you through every step of the hiring process. 

  Week 1
  • Develop a resume that will GET NOTICED and get you that Interview!  

  • Did you know that you are competing against 200-300 people for nearly every job?  

  • Did you know that you get 3-5 SECONDS to determine if your resume goes in the NO or MAYBE pile. 

  • These resume tips and tricks will get your resume in the right hands. 

Week 2
  • Learn insider tips and tricks of when, where and how to apply for jobs! 

  • If you are just applying to jobs from job sites, you are probably extremely frustrated. 

  • I will teach you tried and true strategies, new places to look and people to contact that will help you move beyond the abyss of career boards and into productive activity. 

  Week 3
  • Get inside the mind of the Interviewer!

  • I will take volunteers that will allow me to air our phone interview with real feedback on what they are doing well, and what they may be able to improve upon.  

  • I will also give you game-changing advice on how to handle interview questions and the interview process in general. 

  Week 4
  • You will learn negotiating tips, exit strategies and ways to move ahead in your position. 

  • Learning how to leave an organization is sometimes more important than how to start with them.  

  • Once you land that job, I can tell you not just how to keep it, but how to move ahead in the organization.  

Are you ready to take your career to the next level? Let's go!

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